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Exchange to Office 365 Migration


Download Exchange to Office 365 Migration - Pentium 4 Class or higher Processor, 2 GB RAM, 500 MB Space, .NET Framework 4.0, Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, IIS 5.1 or higher

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While the traditional migration techniques and native tools may not be sufficient to ensure a smooth migration from Exchange to Office 365, LepideMigrator for Exchange comes to the rescue when it comes to performing flawless Office 365 migration. From pre-migration analysis to effective reporting and alerting, Lepide Migrator for Exchange has got you covered.

download exchange to office 365 migration

LepideMigrator for Exchange makes it comparatively easier, quicker and faster to perform Exchange to Office 365 migration. This utility is introduced by Lepide to empower organizations to perform stress-free migrations while being cost-effective in the long run. It benefits organizations that are looking forward to transition mailboxes without using manual techniques and tools for migration. With this tool, you can practically move mailboxes from any version of Exchange server directly to Office 365.

Described below are some of the extraordinary features of this tool that makes it stand out from the crowd when it comes to accomplishing successful Exchange to Office 365 migration.

One can get details about how the migration will go by using pre-migration analyzer offered by this tool. Even before the actual migration starts, you can figure out the possible risks and fix issues that may halt the migration job.
Without leaving any impact on your business model, it executes smooth migration within stipulated time period.
Quickly moves mailboxes with load sharing and distribution capabilities.
Provides you with detailed migration reports that possess details about migration status, files/folders size etc.
Maintains co-existence between the source and destination Exchange server.
Facilitates hosted Exchange migration that can move mailboxes from on premise Exchange and Office 365 to hosted Exchange.
Performs Outlook Folder permission migration by mapping usernames, session ids from CSVs.
Migrates on-premises Exchange limits and permissions to Office 365.

The trial version of LepideMigrator for Exchange is available for free download. One can try and test it features till the trial period expires. After that, one can purchase the fully featured license by contacting Lepide sales team. For more details, please contact

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Exchange to Office 365 Migration 16.1

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